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Silence the haters...especially YOU!

Silence the haters...especially YOU!

OK, I've put this off for a while now because it is not simple or easy.  Rather it is raw and real.  Raw and real for me a little bit, but for others - life shaping.


A couple years ago I joined a hundred or so other artists in a project called "An Abstract Background of Art and Energy".  Most were visual artists, which I did some of years ago and enjoyed very much revisiting that outlet.  But I was encouraged to also revisit music, which was my first love and outlet.

In one of our early exercises, we wrote out all the bad things that had been said to us and especially about us.  Then we made art out of the writings.  Then we burned them.  I was frankly stunned by many of the things that had been part of my fellow artists' experience!  My childhood and life have been filled with uplifting, positive, "cheerleading" people; so I had to dig a little deeper than some.  But I did indeed find some negative things, which had stayed with me and, in certain ways, had shaped me.  Not all, but many of these things were things I said (and repeated) to myself.
The exercise was both enlightening and cathartic, for others and for me.  My heart wept for the pain that had been inflicted on my fellows; wept for the missed opportunities for living positive fulfilled lives!  But it also leapt for joy at the prospect of unwinding the pain and creating new realities for ourselves.

So I wrote the song "Already Light", a video for which I've posted below.
My message is that ugly things, negative demeaning things, that could shape and maybe already have shaped our lives, don't have to continue.

The Way Out Of The Darkness

Emerging from whatever hell those words - especially if repeated, especially if spoken by someone who said they loved us, someone with shaping power over our lives -- those words can just go back to being words.  The unwinding of this mental programing will most likely be a process.  It may take the rest of our life.  But I pray that each would experience the progressive realization that we are created in the image of glory, in the image of LOVE itself.  How could we be meant for ugliness and smallness?

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional.  My words are only from my own experience and the observation of others' experiences.  But I've seen such beautiful transformations, I am compelled to speak and share.
While I am not qualified to postulate on steps one might take to fix personal negative mental programming, I will just provide a couple of resources.

Resource One:
Book "What to Say When You Talk to Yourself" ~ Shad Helmstetter
Here's a quick summary if you're super busy (and who isn't?)
Three quick lessons:
Lesson 1: Everything we are comes from our thoughts.
Lesson 2: Everything we want is achievable through mind reprogramming.
Lesson 3: Understand self-talk before you attempt to change it.
Resource Two:
Search YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music for Healing Music or Healing Frequencies.  You will find music, chants, or simple frequencies which can organically shift your body and mind energy in the direction you're desiring to go.
Personal favorites:
528Hz Love frequency
432Hz Healing and connection. Great for meditation.

There are truly too many resources to list but once you begin to look, I believe the things that will be helpful to you will find their way to you, or you to them.

My intuition tells me that you've already seen trails to many helpful resources, simply in your meanderings on the web, in bookstores, the library, music...  I would only say follow the trails that resonate with you.  They will lead you where you're wanting to go.

Now, whether you're just trying some first steps or have been at this awhile, let me encourage you take one step in the direction that feels like a "right turn".  Then take another, and another.

As you become aware of the "voices in your head", you will start to recognize things you say to yourself - some of which are good and some of which are not so good.  That's the beginning - becoming aware of the words.  Changing them then becomes infinitely easier.

Now write down a sentence or two about things you do desire in your life, things you do love, personal traits you admire, and so on.
I'll just share one new desire statement that I've added to my many daily affirmations as part of the this project: ”I will seize the remains of this day, forwaiting patiently just outside my comfort zoneare reconnection and love - of old friends, and even strangers (who are simply not yet friends).”

The Song

Here is a link to the song I mentioned "Already Light"
Spoken introduction: 0 - 1:13
Song begins: 1:13