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Already Light!

Already Light!
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Hey y'all. Happy Day!

Welcome to my humble abode for all things right brain and uplifting.

I've separated my left brainy, businessy type content from my right brainy, creative, music and prose, content.

What's here?

This space is designed for anything that might uplift you, my fellow traveler!

First Post = Site Theme

A poem/song that I wrote a couple of years ago articulates the aim of this space: to remind us all "you're already light!".

Concept of This Piece

The concept of this piece is that we've all had inputs that shaped us.  Inputs from loved ones, friends, frenemies, workmates, acquaintances, social media, "reality" TV -- every word goes into our brain and can have an impact on how we live, how we see ourselves, what we create and send out into the universe.  Those impacts can be great… or not so great.

GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out

All too often, especially when we are young, we just accept the inputs at face value.  And that shapes our own view of me!

Ultimately what determines the outcome of those impacts is how well we curate the inbound information.  Do we absorb it? Do we believe it? Should it take root and control what grows out of us?

What Should I Do?

To the degree we apply those questions -- test strips really -- to every input, we can positively transcend the "other stuff".  Whether we vet inputs or not, determines what grows out of them and shapes our life!

Thanks For Stopping By

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Already Light!

All alone in the dark

Alone in the dark

And I heard you

I heard your words

And they cut and they carved and they hurt and they scarred

But I believed you

You said you loved me

You said you loved me...?

So I got ugly and I got fat and I got sad

I hated the world, I hated me and I hurt real bad

I got sullen, I got mean and I got fighting mad

But then a voice said "you don't have to fight"

A tiny voice said "you're already light!"

You're already light

You're already light

Shine... for me

Shine... you're free!


~ Verlen Larsen  - copyright 2019